NetSfere - Deutsche-Telekom - St. Augustinus

NetSfere, Deutsche Telekom, St. Augustinus Case Study

St. Augustinus Group is one of the largest and most successful companies in the health and social sector in the Rhineland, Germany. Their focus is on somatics, psychiatry, senior citizens and disabled people.

In the group, they put a lot of importance to internal modern communication via messaging services while doing so without risks and side effects. With 5600 employees in their divisions, there is a lot of internal communication happening. The COVID situation has made it necessary to abruptly increase location-independent direct communication. Communication on the wards between doctors and nurses had to be significantly intensified. They wanted a solution that would work on all platforms, can be centrally controlled and managed and hosted in secure data centers.

After lot of evaluation, they have chosen Deutsche Telekom and NetSfere for their internal communication. NetSfere generates a lot of benefits in internal communication. They have the possibility to communicate individually with colleagues and as well in groups and is also very well accepted by their staffs. With the NetSfere’s broadcast function, they are able to reach many colleagues directly from a central location. This has made it possible to organize the department well and quickly and to bring necessary information to the users even in such a crisis situation. Moreover, NetSfere works on all platforms, can be centrally controlled and managed and the platform is hosted in secure data centres.

The group is getting benefitted by partnering with Deutsche Telekom and Netsfere for their critical internal communications