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CHICAGO | March 16, 2021

NetSfere Named as the Leading Secure Enterprise Messaging Platform as Compared to Microsoft Teams, Slack and Others Amid Growing Security & Privacy Concerns

The latest Market Intelligence report details the current business communication landscape in light of WhatsApps privacy policy updates, highlighting the relevance for enabling secure employee communications post-COVID-19

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CHICAGO | February 16, 2021

NetSfere Broadcast Message Center Enables State and Federal Agencies Worldwide to Deliver Real-Time Emergency Alerts to Their Citizens and Communities

The Broadcast Message Center is the first to leverage 5G to enable agencies to distribute mass notifications and alerts to targeted geographical areas in times of emergencies or unrest

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CHICAGO | September 22, 2020

NetSfere Brings The Power of Secure Communication to the Workplace by Enabling Encrypted Group Video Calling and Real-Time Communication Tools on its Messaging Platform

An award-winning secure mobile messaging service today announced its most advanced product update with the launch of encrypted group video and voice calling and real-time collaboration for mobile and desktop

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CHICAGO & SINGAPORE | August 25, 2020

Thomson Medical Centre Enables Secure and Compliant Staff Communication with NetSfere’s Enterprise Messaging Platform

Thomson Medical selects NetSfere’s encrypted enterprise messaging platform to make internal communication more secure and HIPAA/GDPR compliant

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CHICAGO & MUNICH | May 18, 2020

NetSfere Adds Medical Speech Recognition to the Industry-Leading Enterprise Secure Mobile Messaging Platform

Advances healthcare communications and speech recognition technology use among medical professionals

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CHICAGO | March 19, 2020

NetSfere Offers Free Secure Enterprise Messaging Services for Healthcare Providers and First Responders During COVID-19

To enable healthcare workers and first responders during this pandemic, NetSfere is offering free access to its cloud-based platform to communicate and collaborate in a safe, secure and compliant manner.

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