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Next Level Business Communication: NetSfere Unveils Advanced Encrypted Group Video Calling and Real-Time Communication Tools for Mobile and Desktop

Anurag Lal Anurag Lal, President and CEO of Infinite Convergence.

The business of now, characterized by increasingly distributed teams and remote work, is driving an enterprise imperative for more robust, secure and immersive communication and collaboration technologies. NetSfere is delivering on this imperative with its most advanced product update, featuring secure, regulatory compliant communications tools that enable instantaneous, contextual team collaboration.

The company recently launched encrypted group video and voice calling and real-time collaboration for mobile and desktop. These enriched features are designed to enhance team collaboration and drive workplace productivity through a more contextual, seamless communications experience with voice, video and text messaging, while allowing the enterprise to maintain control and regulatory compliance.

Security, control and compliance, glaringly absent in popular consumer-built messaging apps like Slack, Skype and WhatsApp, are the foundation of NetSfere’s enterprise mobile messaging solution. The new collaboration options build on this foundation and provide enterprises with the immersive communication and collaboration tools they need to optimize workflows and productivity without compromising on security.

Group Video Calling

This new feature reimagines the way teams collaborate by enabling instant video communication that takes place within an existing group conversation, ensuring all participants understand the full context of the discussion prior to joining the meeting. Every video call is encrypted in real-time, providing the end user with full control of the conversation. Additional features include audio and video mute indicators, speaking indicators, audio based visual swaps to bring current participants to the foreground, and notifications when users join and leave conversations.

Real-Time Collaboration

Conference calling moves to the next level of productivity with the new real-time collaboration for mobile and desktop. With a single tap, participants of a group video call are able to instantly share their screen to collaborate on internal documents and materials including images and videos. Additional features include overlay controls with speaker and mute options and full navigational controls to move anywhere inside or outside the app during screen sharing.

These new features are critical to building an enterprise culture of secure online collaboration that supports the massive migration to remote working triggered by the pandemic. Enterprises will need to accelerate their shift to advanced mobile messaging and collaboration platforms as these working paradigms continue to be the norm long after the pandemic. A recent Gartner analysis found that 48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after the COVID-19 pandemic and 74% of CFOs intend to increase remote work at their organization after the outbreak.

The need for secure communications and online collaboration technologies with high priority for information security as a result of the outbreak was highlighted in a 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise: Coronavirus Flash Survey. The survey noted that privacy and security capabilities are an important differentiation, particularly for verticals with strict compliance requirements.

NetSfere’s cloud-based platform includes end-to-end encryption designed to meet security and compliance requirements in a wide range of sectors including regulated verticals such as healthcare, law and finance.

NetSfere brings the power of robust, secure enterprise messaging including the enriched new features of advanced encrypted group video calling and real-time communication tools to global organizations through partnerships with Duetsche Telekom GmbH. and NTT Ltd.

To support the work of now and ensure the availability, performance and security of collaboration platforms, enterprises can move to the next level of mobile messaging and collaboration with NetSfere. Contact NetSfere today.