Numbers and Short Codes

Optimize your customer communication with 10DLC, local numbers, toll-free numbers and short codes

Global number inventory for instant messaging and effective communication.

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Engage with your customers on a reliable, carrier-compliant, cost-effective messaging channel over 10-digit long codes (10DLC) in the United States. Click here to learn more about 10DLC.

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Toll-Free Numbers

Elevate customer support to the next level using toll-free numbers. Customers have the option to contact your business using voice or SMS.

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Short Codes

Boost your brand presence by communicating with customers using a short code. It is a 4-6-digit number comparable to a short telephone number, making it easier for customers to remember and trust, thus increasing brand recognition and enhancing customer relationships.

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Local Numbers

Immediate access to local numbers to create brand presence, increase reachability and reduce international messaging rates.

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Global Inventory

Access our global inventory of 10DLC, local, national, landline numbers and short codes to instantly engage with your customers around the world.

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Numbers for All Uses Cases

Choose the type of numbers based on your use case, traffic volume, and country, including short codes and alphanumeric addresses in select countries.

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Text Enabled Numbers

Use the same number for your messaging and voice by text-enabling your existing business landline or toll-free number to enhance customer experience.

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Total Compliance

Stay compliant with local regulations and country-specific guidelines.